Unnested Inspector

Why do I have to expand 2 levels in an instrument track inspector for the audio inserts but only 1 level for the MIDI inserts? You don’t even notice the audio inserts are available from there before you expand the higher level. Can this be turned flat, please?

No there is no way to turn this flat. Alternative ways to reach the Audio Inserts of you Instrument Track are:

  1. Via the “e” button in the inspector on top.
  2. Via the “e” button on the track in the track list.
  3. Via the mixer in the lower zone.
  4. Via the main mixer (F3).
  5. Via the “Edit Channels” KeyCommand, which is per default not assigned

Hi JHQ, since I have you here, could we ask you to add a keycommand to open the channel editor of an instrument track from a midi channel which is connected to that instrument track or rack?

(When you use the usual keycommand it opens the midi track editor, we would need another to open the audio one with eq and audio inserts,etc)