Unorthodox behavior when maximizing a project

This is a new thing in C9.5 I think?
New projects started from SOME TEMPLATES BUT NOT OTHERS does not have the same top frame as projects you open which you have saved.
In the upper right-hand corner you can minimize, maximize and close a project if you open them from a saved project file.
If you start a new file when I try to do this the frame look different.
It’s white and the icons are black and white and the click areas are off by a few pixels.
That means

  • the close icon closes the project as usual
  • the maximize icon also closes the project
  • the minimize icon maiximizes the project
  • the project and if you click to the left of the minimize icon the project is minimized

Maximizing the window once makes the behavior go away and the project looks correct again.
Maximizing and resaving makes the project start out maximized but with the black and whit top as described.

Is this the case for everybody, for Win only, for Win10 only or for me only?

In case you’ve noticed can anybody confirm, please?


Could you make a video, please?

I think I’ve found it. I had the taskbar in Win10 not at the bottom but at the top of the screen.
I always had it that way, since it’s more out of the way for my way of doing things.
I dragged it to the bottom and the issue disappeared.
Maybe it’s even reproducible on any Win puter?

And I have created some screenshots but I’m ALWAYS on the wrong computer it seems when I remember to edit and upload haha! :blush: :laughing:

Interesting! Thank you, I will try to reproduce on Monday on PC (the “wrong computer”). :smiley:

haha yeah … that other one! :smiley:

I had major issues with an unconventional monitor layout. I have a laptop attached to a secondary monitor. I had designated the external monitor as my primary display and to the left of the laptop instead of the right. When I launched Cubase, the menu bar was unusable. I had a window on the (right) laptop monitor that displayed the menu items (File, etc…) but when I clicked on them nothing happened. When I would click the empty menu bar on the left monitor the menus would appear. It was befuddling. I finally got this resolved by clicking the Window options location then Windows then selected the Cubase project window from the list on the left and then hit the reset layout button. That did the trick for me and all the other projects I’ve opened seem to get the layout now.

Cool, but where did you change what? :blush:

I now think me haveing the taskbar at the top also leads to my issue with the blank top bar in Cubase until I alt-tab to another program and then alt-tab back.
There is something fishy going on for those who have the taskbar in Windows at the top.


I tried on Windows 10. Once I was able to reproduce the maximise button minimise the Project window. But I cannot reproduce it anymore. All other Windows button work as expected here.

Even if the task bar is on top.

Click menu bar windows then select windows from the menu list. This will open a settings box. Click to select your project main page from the list then click the button that says reset layout.