Unosynth Workflow - Record Monitored Inputs?

I just got a hold of the cool IK Multimedia Unosynth and am trying to determine workflow. Couple questions -

1.) Is there any way I can have an audio input in my session “always” monitoring, and for Cubase to include whatever audio comes in on that channel during a real-time bounce? Or do I HAVE to record the audio into Cubase first?

2.) I’m aware of the external instrument option, but reason I haven’t gone down that road is because the Unosynth comes with an editor that acts as an instrument plugin. Unfortunately, since the Unosynth only has analog outputs, I don’t see a way of using instrument track functionality AND using the editor at the same time…

Any advice is appreciated!


You can create an Audio Track, set the correct input and enable Monitor on it. Then you will get always monitored input. At the end you have to record the audio, or you have to Export Audio Mixdown in real time.