Unpacking Wavelab Compressed Files from early WL version

I have a project from 2003 that i archived via Wavelab using the Wavelab compression/archival tool. I forget which version of wavelab i had at the time but it was a very early version. Today i have WL 8 and the artist is considering a remix of this old old album.

I used this archival compression back in the day as storage was still costly and this allowed me to put a lot info on CD’s. As technology goes…a year later HD prices drop and bulk storage became reasonable so i never needed to use the WL archival tool again. Even sadder, i dont even know what the name of the WL tool is called.

Does WL8 STILL have the tool to unpack these OLDER files?

Any thoughts and insight is greatly appreciated


No direct way. Or you know someone with an installed WaveLab 6.
But there should be a manual way:

  1. the archive is ZIP standard, which means you can use any unzipper software
  2. the audio files were compressed with the OSQ file format. This can be open by any WaveLab version.
    If your project is not too big, you could do it without too much effort, I think.