Unpitched percussion technique with continuation

Is it still popssible to make unpitched percussion technique with continuation (that’s what the parameter is called in the Playing Techniques panel below) over several notes? When I selected a couple of Hi-Hats and added “Open” technique in Dorico 4, it used to make a region with that technique with moveable ends. Now it just adds glyphs on all the notes and I can’t figure out how to turn it into a region. And when I hide the glyphs, I’m getting “Open” flags all over the staff - hardly elegant to work with.

Hi @call.me.ata yes is possible. Just insert the open PT on the first note of the passage, and with shift+alt+right arrow you can prolong its duration as desired. Once you have prolonged it a little, you can also alternatively drag the end point to prolong or shorten its duration. An then activate the line in the Continuation property (that appears as soon as you prolonged the duration of the PT) so that is also clear visually for the player:

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Yaaaas! Thank you! That did the trick. Once it’s a region it works as it used to. Just out of curiosity, is there an option in a dialog somewhere that you can click on to make a single glyph a region, or is using the key command the only option?

Glad it helped :slight_smile:

I don’t know about that, I think that the method above is the only one. Because the added symbols on selected notes have no length per se. So you need to activate the length before you can create a “region” (but see alternative method * below).
But I know you can do the opposite (if needed): if you have a continuation line you can let it show the symbols on every note for the length of the line (that will then disappear and let only the symbols appear) choosing Repeat the signs:

@call.me.ata * I experimented a little:
If the player should play open for a long time (and you don’t want to drag the line) you can also create (for menu Library/Playing techniques) a Playing Technique as text, using the Open 1 Playback technique (that uses Direction, instead of the Attribute of Open 2) and configuring a fallback to Open 2 Playback technique in the dialogue. (visual guide here below). (and click the little star to make it white, if you want this to be usable in future projects)

And when it should return to normal, you can then insert a nat. Playing technique in the music:

Oh, wow! Thanks for that! For the current project it’s definitely an overkill hehe. I just hide “open” PT and write “Open HH” in a text box above the drum staff, which is handy when I need to give some other instructions for the drummer in the same spot. Nonetheless, this trick is good to know for some prospective projects, so I’m bookmarking it.

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