Unpitched Percussion Two Voices


Is it possible to make a one line staff with two voices - one with stems up and the other with stems down? (two sets of rhythmic values) I tried shift v but I couldn’t get it to work.



I don’t believe so. You can create a kit, and add 2 of the same instruments, and then fiddle with the stem directions, and “Drum Set” tick box in the upper right.


Thanks. I’m just going to use two lines for now, one for each instrument - one with upstems, and one with downstems. This might be easier to read anyway for what I’m doing. If anyone knows how to do it with one line, let me know.



is there a way to force stem direction for a whole staff? I have two one-line staffs of unpitched percussion. I want one all upstems and one all downstems. I can do it manually, but I’m wondering if it is possible to set this for each staff?

The easiest way I can think of, is to use a percussion kit in “grid” format. You can force the stems of the bottom line down, and the top line stems up.


thanks. I’ll try this. Haven’t experimented with grid format yet.

Maybe it is bad form to bump a thread, or maybe it is interesting to know that at least one more user have been in need for this. At one point I need to instruct the player to play the floor tom with both hands in rhythmic unison for a short passage, and I’d like to indicate this with stems both up and down from the noteheads. But I’ll use the shortcut.