Unpitched Slash Notation

Anyone have any idea if unpitched slash notation is going to be in the next update? I know there is a scripting workaround but I don’t want to go through and apply that to a bunch of arrangements and then have to redo it all when the actual implementation comes…
The new update outlined by John on the latest discover dorico look great but I didn’t see mention of the slash notation stuff?is it possibly going to be lumped in as part of the percussion implementation?

Dunno, but I’d sure love to have it.


I’m afraid slash notation is not going to make it into the next update, but it remains a high priority for us to add it as soon as we can.

Is there anything specific you want to notate that can’t be accomplished using the slashed noteheads which are already available in the current version von Dorico?

Thanks for the reply Daniel. As always I have faith that the Dorico team will deliver a great implementation when it comes… just wish it was sooner rather than later.

@piano_jochen as it stands there are workarounds and you can certainly get the appearance of slash notation but they are not semantically correct (slash notation shouldn’t ideally respond to transposition commands), somewhat of a pain to do on large arrangements and is not future proof in terms of how Dorico will eventually implement it meaning potential work redoing slash notation.