Unplayable audio files after export

hey there!

3 days ago I updated my MacBook Pro m1 (to macOS Sonoma 14.4.1). I exported a wav file of one of my tracks but for some reason I can’t open the file afterwards. It says “It’s not available” on iTunes. I tried to open it up with windows as well, same issue. I haven’t changed any settings whatsoever. I can’t export older projects too, it doesn’t matter if I export it as wav, mp3 etc. I can’t find anything about this… super frustrating lol

Have you tried realtime rendering?

yup! i checked other projects as well and it doesn’t export the files properly either

Hello, are you exporting to an ExFAT formatted drive?

yes I do!

Then you might want to temporarily use an APFS or NTFS formatted drive, then copying to the ExFAT would work fine if you need that format, or update to 14.5 (currently in beta, so you’d need to sign up for the beta program, if you aren’t already).


wow thank you so much! it finally works, I really appreciate it.