Unprecedented time for software development

Are we at a junction of software development like never before .
For pc’s i can’t remember a time where the possibilists of older tech not working with the newly created software gets closer and closer . New hybrid processor having to have the programs completely redesigned for handling has the knock on effect , it makes things unstable for installing plugins in the Audio world and if the plugin venders are not giving you links to an earlier version which suits your system then your road comes to an end . FORCED to ditch a high powered perfectly working and one could say ,vintage computers .
It seems like an Atari era in a different form all over again , only the diehard will keep old tech alive .
The PC world is in trouble , software venders potentially having to make 3 versions of software so they can keep the LARGE diehard market interested in the latest tech and manage to keep their custom , or will they just stop , your PC stays exactly how it is today and you are forced to buy and new breed of Machine .
Will there be a fight back from the software venders to keep supporting the older tech great working tech , will they need two development teams , would companies be willing to structure like that or will all these chips , and perfect working electrical circuits be just tipped and dumped …wasted for ever .

Things change , the rise of the computers in the 70/80’s ,rise and death of the Atari in the 80/90’s things change but i can not remember a time where a format is at a junction like no other time , with the TCP2 forcing you to ditch your old gear , is this really the end for some ?
Processing power doesn’t seem to be an issue with the programs themselves it’s the plugin world with the processing power issue as they true to evolve their tech ,translating analogue into the digital realm.

Everything evolves , everything must change but at what cost to the consumer ? Are we consumers or are we being consumed ?

Just some 4am lack of sleep thoughts :crazy_face: :upside_down_face: