Unpredictable figured bass input

Hi all,

In this bar (key of D)
entering “5n” gives two different results. I know that I can get 5 with a natural on the c# typing “5n,” but this delays me every single time, because I do not know beforehand what the outcome will be.
Maybe I am being dense – is there a logic to this?
Or should I just type “5n,” all the time?

If you enter a figure with no commas then Dorico will essentially try to work out what is the most harmonically “likely” chord (my ref: STEAM-10377). In the case of a D# bass note, a natural third isn’t very likely as that would be a diminished interval, whereas for the C it makes as much sense on the fifth as on the third.

Another option may be to type “n5” instead of “5n”, as that will also make it clear that the “n” applies to the fifth.

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Thanks! I understand the logic, but somehow the algorithm does not get it right all the time. In this example, wouldn’t it seem more likely that the “7s” on the third beat should be interpreted as a major third rather than a raised seventh?


Also here “7,s” is needed to get what is intended:

Regarding “n5” – I use literal input so this is not an option in my case.