Unpredictable, inconsistant phasing in playback sometimes

Since I’ve switched Cubase I’ve come across these very strange phasing issues randomly and inconstantly. I’ve tried disabling all plugins and I still get the same issues ever so often. Please see this video when I have the clap in solo and it has obvious, drastic phasing. You will see when I unmute the rest of the track, and then solo the clap again, magically the clap plays back correctly with making no other changes. I will play over the same passages and sometimes its there. I will bounce multiple versions and sometimes its there, sometimes its not, sometimes more sever than others… 15yrs in Ableton with the same plugins I’ve never heard anything similar and Ive seen this in one extent or another these phasing issues will happen in solo and in full context, I’ve done in solo here for demonstration purpose.

Please let me know if you have any ideas on what it could be. Cubase 10.5, OSX 11.2 now, but had the same exact issue with 10.14.ASpollo x8 interface, but also has the same issue with UAD twin and even playing thru laptop speakers. Thanks for any suggestions!

Really hard to say with the information given… My first idea would be some plugin that doesn’t report latency correctly or changes it for whatever reason. Never encountered such a problem.
Have you tried really disabling the plugins on both channels, not just bypassing them? A simple bypass leaves the plugin in the signal path, it just doesn’t process. To completely disable a plugin you need to alt-click on the insert bypass button.
Does it happen if you have just those two tracks in a project, no plugins, nothing else?

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My first bet would be plugin related, as Fese said above… make sure you are actually disabling the plugins and not bypassing them when doing tests.

Yes I’ve tried disabling all 3rd plugins when starting up. Any other ideas? Thanks!

Clock/sync issue maybe? what’s going on in your Device/Studio setup?

Also, are you doing any time stretching or tempo sync on the events? did you try bouncing the events?

What should I check there for clock/sync?

the event are audio files that have all been bounced and imported into a new mix project at the same BPM. the audio files themself are fine, and the phasing never happens in the same place, and even play back normally most of the time.

do see that the audio files have elestique pro-time. how do I disable all algorithms on a audio event? from that top menu it seems I always have to have one selected?

it’s only being used if if you’ve applied stretching per event basis

does your AD/DA unit have a sync status? my AD/DA can be set to Internal, External, AES-A, AES-B, etc.

And then Cubase has a Clock sync setting as well

yes, both apollo and cubase set to internal.

cool. how do I check if is not applied to any events?

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try setting Cubase to external

Is this where I would set cubase to external? there is not a drop down option, only checking “externally clocked” box. Please see attached please let me know anything thoughts. Thanks~!

try ticking the box,

could also try some of the other settings in VST Audio SYstem like, asio guard.