Unpredictable results with Volume automation

I created a file yesterday that had various audio-clips on different tracks and used volume automation. When I opened the file today, I noticed (when listening) that one of the audio tracks was not audible (as if it was muted). Then I said “Show automation” and the volume nodes looked fine. As soon as I touched one of the volume nodes with my cursor, then hit play, suddenly I could hear the missing track as expected. As I messed around some more, I noticed other tracks were occasionally doing the same thing: they were either muted till I touched the volume automation, or playing full volume (ignoring the volume automation until I clicked one of the nodes). Also, if I exported a mixdown, the flaw is reflected in the mixdown.

Can someone help me understand what is going on? I can’t operate with unpredictable volume automation. Is this a bug related to the bit depth of audio imported? The audio I imported were WAV files from various sources (not necessarily the same bit depth etc).

I am using Cubase 9.5 Pro on Windows 10 with a Scarlett FocusRite.

Good question. This has been happening too me for a while now. It either does what happens to you or the opposite. The automation is on when it should be bypassed. I move a node and then it fixes itself