Unquantize/humanize grid?


Just quick question, I’ve been searching, but didn’t find any thread regarding this:

Is there any way to randomize grid a little? I mean make it so the click and grid lines would be not perfectly even so snap would glue samples on this grid?

You can’t shift the actual grid but groove quantise might get you to the same end result?

thanks Grim! it helped a lot!!

You can also use the “humanize” logical presets after quantizing, or use Iterative quantize

A decent article on advance midi quantizing can be found here: http://www.askaudiomag.com/articles/advanced-midi-quantizing-in-cubase-7

This of course is assuming you are quantizing midi and not audio. Dont know if you mean “samples” as in midi triggers or actual audio sample editing.

unfortunately, Im talking about audio only.

I’m using midi humanize since SX 3 :slight_smile: