Unrecoverable automation changes

10.0.5 here.

Two issues.

  1. I accidentally click on a group that has no automation set just shows a line. I can undo the automation point. But the volume that I changed stays the same. It’s frustrating because sometimes you spend a lot of time getting that just right and one careless move and… you have to waste a bunch of time readjusting it. It can be any automation, effect, as long as it’s a continued (non-active) line once an accidental point is placed it changes to that value and doesn’t remember where it was before.

  2. If there’s automation programmed, say, for a plugin. If you delete that plugin (say, you forgot there was automation for it and you wanted to try a different plugin), when you undo it (from the history window), the automation doesn’t reappear. So you can’t go back to that point in the mix and basically have to reload the project to get to the starting point.

Any solutions to these?

Yep, frustrating as hell when you accidentally click the automation of a group track. One workaround is to lock the track. You can still use the MixConsole to tweak the volume.

As for the second thing you mentioned, I don’t know of any workaround.