Unrecoverable error in graphics2d.dll

i was just editing a mid track and got the above error. not the first time, but thought id post it as its getting ridiculous. I can go for hours without issues, and then i get something silly like this happening more than once on the same day.
Luckily CB didnt close down so i lost nothing…this time.
Windows 10, CB 11Pro. GPU is a GTX 750Ti (no bloated software). No option to use Studio drivers. Everything up to date as of today, inc Windows.

Cubase 64bit 2021.4.14 (965.8 KB)


I can confirm, the crash is in the graphics2d.dll .

I would probably consider more recent graphic card.

Thanks. Can you recommend one that doesn’t suffer from this? If I was to get a new a vid card for example, that would use the same driver so I can’t see how it would make a difference.
All I was doing was editing a simple midi track. One I’ve edited loads of times before.
Why would this cause that sort of issue? I can go days without seeing this error so it not like my PC can’t cope with it.


I’m sorry, I’m not a Windows guy.

This kind of issue can appear anytime in theory (if there is something wrong in the graphics2d on the graphic card). Any GUI object can trigger the crash, if it touches the affected/problematic area then.

Yeah, that’s how I see it, so spending more money on a new GPU isn’t really the way to go unless to can be proven it’s the card.
We spoke before IIR about tying a different card. I will be in a position to do this by the end of the week. It’s a GTX 1025. Not the latest GPU but a step or two up from mine. I’ll keep an eye on things.