Unregister Dorico

How do I unregister Dorico from one Mac in order to activate it on another Mac? Sorry, I’ve been looking and looking, but I don’t see how I would be able to do this. Thanks for your help.

You will need to transfer your license to an eLicenser USB Dongle to use it on another pc/mac. If you just have the activation code on your softlicenser you can only use it on this machine.

Here is the link to Daniel’s post about the licensing:

You can use a elicenser USB dongle, or reactivate your license in the new computer:


Thank you for your answers. I couldn’t imagine that I would need a USB dongle, so yes, reactivation seems to be the solution. Lost a lot of time with this. A whole complicated procedure that I still don’t understand: somewhere down in the super long instructions list I read:

Click on [Reactivate] at the bottom of the Reactivation page.
The new activation code will be displayed and also be sent to you by mail.
In case the Soft-eLicenser you’ve selected for reactivation contains several licenses, you receive multiple activation codes - one code per license.

But nothing has been sent, there is no new Soft-eLicenser (what a word). BUT, I suddenly can use Dorico now. Problem solved, I guess.

Hi davidusmusicus,

I have just done that because I needed to move Dorico to another notebook (but, in my case, I use Windows, so I don’t know if the procedure is different for Mac).

First, open your eLicenser Control Center.
Then go to the My Steinberg page and log in (I think you have already done that).
Click in the reactivate button and you will be asked to put a code of 20 characters. That code is in your eLicenser Control Center in the “Register” menu. There, there is an option to copy that code.
After you copy the code, paste it in the My Steinberg page. The page will generate a new activate code. This new code you have to paste in the eLicenser Control Center. There is a green button with an arrow in the elicenser. Click in it an paste the code. The software will download the license and you will be able to open Dorico again.

I hope it helps.
And sorry for any english mistakes.