Unrelated events not deselecting (visual glitch) when using PLE select

Hi, there is a visual GUI glitch.

I’m using colours to target selection of events.

If I have a bunch of events already selected, of various different colours, and then use PLE to target select a specific colour. It selects the proper colours, but visually leaves a bunch of other events selected when they should have deselected when PLE initiated selection of different events. I believe this is just a visual glitch as simply moving the mouse over these unwated selected events correct the visual glitch and appears to deselect them.

I know for a fact it’s a visual glitch, because, hitting delete key to delete only deletes the correctly newly selected tracks, not the glitched.

Hi and welcome,

Could you attach a screenshot of your PLE, please?


There’s also another problem, where locked events do not deselect but this is not just a visual glitch like the other events.
see in this video:

I’ve seen an issue where the display is not refreshed, and even though the events have been deselected they remain highlighted as if they’re still selected.

If you run the mouse cursor over those events, (without clicking, of course) does the display refresh to show the proper state of the selection?


Isn’t the problem related to an overlapping events?

Btw, in the PLE I can’t see anything about “deselect”, so I would expect everything is still selected after this action, in fact.