Unrelated Rehearsal Marks

I have a score that has A, B, C, E, etc. Every now and then, it skips letters, and every now then, the rehearsal mark is a subset of an original (such as F2).

I have figured out how to skip a letter, but is there a way to add a number suffix while keeping the original (duplicated) letter sequence? Such as A, A2, B, B2, C, C2, etc…


Sorry not to have replied to this thread sooner. The answer to your question, as I think you’ve probably already figured out, is no. I’ll think about how we might be able to allow this in future.

No worries Daniel. I hope you had a great trip to the US. And I hope you received a warm welcome while here.


Has this been made possible yet? if not,will it be?
As an alternative, I can of course create a text rehearsal mark, but can a box be put around a text item? (don’t see that option anywhere, but it really should be available in general for text items)

I too would find this useful. I transcribe a lot of AABBCCBB form tunes, where the first and 2nd A or C melodies are different enough to require separate notation, but are still essentially the same section of the song.

It’s not possible yet, but I hope we’ll be able to add it in future. We also plan to make it possible to add a border around a text item in future, too.

I hope so. It’d be great to have the option, and if it was “smart” then I wouldn’t have to go back and rename them in the cases where I need to add another section at the beginning of the tune. (Transcribing old melodies from multiple audio sources sometimes results in this happening, where I’ll find through listening to additional recordings that the earlier one was missing a section etc.)