Unrender MIDI Parts

Would love it If somehow the midi data is kept hidden and nestled in the rendered part. One might ask what happens if you alter the audio? Okay then it could be inside it unless and until you alter the audio part. Rendering VSTi parts is wonderful but sometimes we need to do it again in order to make a change to it. Maybe you kept the original midi parts in a special folder. What happens is I usually move the parts around. Now I have to make sure every audio part and archived corresponding midi part has a unique name, the same name and remember not to change the name.

We need an “unrender” feature like unfreeze of frozen VSTi instruments.

Interesting idea. A way to basically group two parts so they remain associated until you expressly disassociate them.

I tested with grouping. Rendered a part, then I had an audio and a muted midi part .

Then I grouped them. Now they will stick together forever, even after cutting them up and editing the audio event. I can actually live with that, and didn’t think of doing it till I read your FR.

The whole thing breaks down if you hide one of the tracks they are on, and you also lose audio event functions like Events to Part, and, when you double click the audio part a midi editor opens up too, (even with its track disabled) so it’s messy, but maybe a little less messy than having to manually remember which part goes with which later on.

Anyway, all that to say,