unresponsive behavior

Hi there,

i recently purchased cubasis and was playin arround with the demo song last night.I noticed the screen became unresponsive a lot of times when i open/close the inspector.it really freezes for a couple of seconds (you could stil see"half"of the inspector then).Anybody else having this problem?Hope this get’s fixed soon,it’s quite annoying.

Besides this the GUI is amazing and therefore the workflow.There’s stil a lot of work (like anybody else mentioned:automation,something that deserves the name"EQ"and so on…) but it makes fun to play arround with it.
I would like to add something to the wishlist as well but i’ll post it in the wishlist thread (should be sticky btw).

Have you tried a hard reset on your iPad before working on a project? Press and hold the ‘home’ button and ‘lock’ button until you see the ‘Apple’ logo. This will restart the iPad and refresh the RAM. I,m on an iPad 2 and haven’t experience this sort of behaviour unless I have a lot of other apps open or haven’t reset my iPad in a few days.

no i didn’t.But thanks for the hint.Although i never run more apps then necessary in the background (even on ipad 4).So,cubasis was the only open app.I’ll give it a try and report back.

ok,couldn’t reproduce this issue in a new track.mmh…we’ll see.

Do you habe a tip for me where i can find my audiobus recordings in the mediabay?They are not in the audio folder nor anywhere else.
I would like to audiocopy/paste some files to auria.Or do i have to mixdown them first??


if your audio-files are not shown in the Mediabay try the following steps:

  • Doubletap a file to open the Audio-Editor
  • Press “Save to Media”

Then the file should be shown in the audio folder of the Mediabay.

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hi Frieder,thanks for your response!

Yes,that helped.But i have to do it for every single file that i would like to ACP.Is the project file a kind of"self contained" (like a Reason file) with all the audiofiles inside (not accessable from Cubasis to prevent deleting by accident) and am i doing a copy to the media bay this way?Is it save to delete those files again?Otherwise it would be a big mess up in the audio folder after a while…

edit:just for the record,i still have the above descripted unresponsive behavior from time to time.