unresponsive buttons on inserts and other mouse behaviors

i am using cubase pro 9.0.10 on a windows 10 PC in my studio and on my mac laptop. on the windows machine i am noticing strange unresponsive behavior specifically when i try to turn on or off the plugins in the insert slots of the mix console. and also sometimes the effects sends.

the other thing that happens is when i hold down the control key to select multiple clips, it doesn’t seem to work. it only highlights the clip i click on.

both of these issues are intermittent. i haven’t figured out what makes it do it or not.

is anyone else experiencing this problem? if not then maybe it’s an issue with my mouse and or keyboard…


I did have similar issues… it was the mouse. I replaced it and all got better.

So… possibly time for a new mouse for you too.

Regards. :sunglasses:

Unresponsive insert/send buttons was certainly a problem a while back.
Moving the mouse while clicking or a nanosecond after clicking causes it not to work.

Now I have no idea if this behaviour has been improved in an update or whether I just trained myself to not move the mouse too quickly while clicking :confused:

Checked…it still does it. Can’t say I’ve noticed any issue with Ctrl click for multi select though.

It’s a major ball ache that’s emerged with 8.5…fix this, pretty please. I do not remember having ever seen anything like it, even with the shittiest software in the dark 90s…