Unresponsive GUI

I have quite a heavy CPU use project, idling about 40% not much during playback difference.

Yet the GUI, the scrolling the meters are all laggy and slow to move. Not smooth at all.

I have plenty of GPU and CPU power, and RAM, just seems to be really sluggish.

Anyone any tips how I can improve that ? The system isnt taxed at all, just Cubase is acting like its in Treacle, so slow to respond.

Not like a brand new project if you get me.

Perhaps the system with AMD FX isn’t anymore capable of handling it although the load indicates it should?
Not sure what’s the actual spec recommendation by Steinberg.

Only thing you can “tune” within Cubase is the “Quick Zoom” which - of course - will most certainly not affect the scrolling.
With “Quick Zoom” the redraw will not be done during the realtime view but only if the zoom level has been set.
It’s anyway worth a try.

try this
open the Preferences dialog and select Event Display > Audio. Unchek Show Waveforms - if problem exist, something wrong in your side

You are right about minimum spec, they state Ryzen, but i’ve got a pretty heavy project going and it’s playing back fine. It’s just the GUI that’s jumpy and unresponsive, and considering there is a RX 580 with 8gb of VRAM in the machine shows that this GUI is not optimized and hogging too many resources from the CPU. Needs to be better optimized with Nvidia and AMD cards. My CPU is also overclocked to 4.5mhz so I dont think it’s going to cause any bottle necks

Thanks i’ll try it

I have about the same system as you. With a bit of management, it’s still capable of a lot.

I rarely encounter problems, but occasionally plug ins cause lag, stuttering and so on, usually older 32 bit bridged ones. These seem to be more and more dodgy with each successive version of Cubase. In my C8.5 which I keep for compatibility purposes, they all work faultlessly.

If it is such a thing, it can be hard to pin down in a big project, so I disable all VSTis and if that clears it, re-introduce them one by one. Similarly with FX plugs, disable each, at the plug in GUI (not bypass on the mixer which leaves the plug ins active) systematically until you find a culprit. Once I pin the offender down, I freeze it or find an alternative.

Of course it may be that the problem is elsewhere, but it’s good to eliminate as many things as you can.

The other thing that has caused these me issues is graphics software, I have more than once had to roll back to older versions, staying well behind the beta releases.

Which exact Cubase 10 Pro version are you using? Just curious. Most recent is 10.0.60 :slight_smile: