Unrolling repeats

Due to an issue recently discussed with Dorico not unwinding pedal lines in unwound MIDI repeats, I have decided to unroll all the repeats in the piece notationally. But I seem to be having trouble doing this without messing up. How do I copy and paste this initial repeat and push over all the subsequent music? It’s a bar of 1/4 then 7/32 and anything I do just messes up the following bars.

The same problem then arises with the next repeat to be unfolded.

[It’s not a Dorico issue, it’s just that I don’t know how to do it.]

Activate Insert mode, make sure its scope is set to Global, then select those two bars and press R (“repeat”) twice.

You may then need to update the time signatures around the repeated notes, which you’d want to do with Insert mode off, probably. Don’t worry if the beaming etc doesn’t look immediately right before updating the time signatures, of course, as Dorico will update that along with the time signatures.

Need further handholding. To select Insert mode you have to be in Write Mode, yes? Then I can’t see how to select two bars while in write mode. and when I press R it just duplicates the note before the bars. Where am I supposed to put the cursor? How to do the selection?

Pardon my doltish obtuseness.

  1. In Write mode, press I to activate Insert mode.
  2. Follow the instructions linked here for how to change the scope to one of the global ones (so your edits will affect everyone, not just one voice or player).
  3. Click somewhere on the staff in the first bar, but not on any stems or noteheads. This selects the whole bar.
  4. Hold down Shift, then do the same in the second bar. This will select both bars.
  5. Press R to repeat whatever is currently selected immediately after itself.

You could also add the extra bars required, then copy and paste the material.

Other methods of selection are available. For example, the system track.

When I click in the bar as mentioned it just moves the insertion point, and does not make a selection. I appear to be missing something fundamental.

Also, I am unable to find information about R for repeat in the manual. Searching for repeat, or repeat input, just gives hundreds of hits about repeats, but not about the R key.

Oh. You have to have mouse input deactivated. Key point. I did not know this. Have never altered that before. The missing ingredient!

But how to preserve the time signatures in the copy? The 7/32 bar does not have its time sig.

Can selecting the measures to be repeated via the System Track help include the time signatures?

Which I am trying to avoid because of all the changing time signatures. I am hoping to pick up an duplicate the bars with their time signatures intact.

Apologies for making a large mountain range out of a mole hill.

Either use the System Track (which really will select everything in the region) or make sure that either the time signature or its signpost is visible. General rule of thumb is that if something isn’t visible then (aside from the System Track) it won’t be selected. If it isn’t selected it won’t be copied/pasted/repeated.

Yes, I perhaps should have clarified that you need to be outside of note input, ie without the caret showing. The difference is described in the manual here.

Have you looked on the page I linked you to in my last reply, for copying and pasting items in various ways? It’s on there.

You can add/delete time signatures after the fact around the notes you have – Dorico is very flexible in this regard.

@pianoleo having the 7/32 signpost visible does not copy it. Is this an option somewhere?

Is your selection method actually selecting the signpost?

No. How do you do that? I feel like an idiot.

All I want to do is unroll many repeats that have from 2 to thirty bars with lots of time signature changes in the repeat block, with hidden time signatures throughout, and unroll them three times. Clearly despite using D for a while I missed some early learning or something.

Add the signpost to the selection with shift-click, or use the system track.

Marquee selections (dragging a box) can include system-attached objects (dependent on the area of the box you drag).
The System Track includes system-attached objects.
Shift-clicking a selection only grabs staff-attached objects.

I can’t add a meter signpost to my selection with Shift-click, but I can with Command-click.
(Ctrl-click on Windows)

Finally. Ctrl-click on W11 for me then deselects the previously selected bar.

But… using the marquee to include the time sig signpost works. Yay! And I can then press R to duplicate happily n times.

LARGE thanks to all my patient helpers. Having struggled to learn this, it will save me a huge amount of time now and in the future.

And, the trick for my case is to also copy the following 1/4 time signature as well so that the 7/32 does not take over. Which to do I had to show the time signature as I could not see how to extend the select to just include that signpost as well.

Here is how you hide/show signposts.

To add anything to an existing selection, whether it be signpost or otherwise, Ctrl/Cmd-click is probably the easiest method. If the thing you want to select is behind something else, then you can Shift-Alt-click it (although I think that needs to be the first thing you select, rather than adding to an existing selection).

Ahem, I do know that. I’m sorry to say that this is all still causing problems, just when I thought I was going well, and I have had to resort to adding bars and copy and paste and manually entering all the many time signatures. And even that is causing problems, extra bars I didn’t expect and so on.

I shan’t bother you any more on this thread, but I am disappointed that what I naively imagined to be simple is so difficult to control. I find this surprising. Perhaps Dorico just doesn’t like modernist music, with lots of rapid time signature changes, sometimes every bar. And believe it or not, I do read the manual over and over.