Unsaved changes get permanently lost due to restart


I’m using Dorico Pro 3 on Windows. If I’m working on a project and forget to save it manually but do a computer shutdown/restart, then all my changes to the Dorico project get lost, which is pretty frustrating. Bug is easily reproducable. Probably it has something to do with partially shut-down components, like eLicenser. What happens is that when I restart/shutdown the computer, Windows complains that there are unsaved changes, so I go back and want to save the project, but upon clicking Save I’m faced with the following error message:
If I press OK, then comes the next error message:
There is no way out of this situation: if I click Save again, I get the same error messages. Furthermore for some reason Dorico also thinks that I’ve actually saved the project!! - because despite Auto-Save switched-on, there is nothing to restore, once I’ve restarted my computer: my changes have completely lost…
Happened more than once, so I’d be happy to hear some work-around - probably it is enough to restart some eLicenser services so that it enables to save the project properly(?).

Thanks in advance

I’m afraid this is indeed the case: the DCOM connection error is something that affects all of our applications on Windows, and it is something the eLicenser team are trying to resolve. For the time being, the best advice is to make sure you save and ideally quit Dorico before you shut down your computer.

Provided you are using auto-save, you should find that when you next restart Dorico, it offers to recover a version of the project(s) you were working on when you last ran Dorico, because the auto-saves are only cleaned up when Dorico quits cleanly. You could check inside the AutoSave folder inside %APPDATA%\Steinberg\Dorico 3 to see if any projects are in there.