Unstable Cubase 13 upgrade

Been using the new Cubase 13 for nearly a week now. to be honest so far it’s been a let down. The exact same project in 13 is just unstable, crashes unexpectedly. I’ve never experienced this working with Cubase 12, with or without maintenance update. This happened to me at least 5 times now. Lost work progress.

Besides, the little changes to the beat calculater, inspector, are just worse than it was. “Add Midi channel” doesn’t automatically increase 1 channel. Has to be done mannualy. Doesn’t make any sense.

I’ve gone back to 12. Wish I could have a refund. so disapointing.


Could you attach the *.DMP/*.ips file(s), please?

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Yes, really disappointed. The worst experience I’ve ever had with Cubase (user since 1994) Lost my job at least 5 times, even though I keep returning to 13 just in case would be a particular project… but no, it is Cubase 13 which is tons unstable. Hopefully Steinberg understand WE AREN’T BETA TESTER, WE ARE THE CUSTOMERS!!! I don’t want a refund, I want Steinberg to respect us. (Sorry for hardness)



Could you please link your forum reports? I would like to double-check them. Thank you

Hi Martin:
What you mean with “forum report”? (Sorry my unknowledge)


I would like to check your reports about the instability, if there is any pattern.

Sorry the delay, I was out. I’m so glad to comment the new update for Cubase 13 (.0.20) is rock solid now. Sorry for being so hard with Steinberg in my previous post. Thank you Steinberg.

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I just sent yet another crash dump to Steinberg when prompted. I agree with you: we are not beta testers and Cubase 13 has really been quite bad from a stability/robustness standpoint. I am tired of this company putting performance and stability testing so relatively low on the list of priorities. Tired of going through this again and again, waiting till like seven or so patches in for things to get close to stable right before the next version rolls out.