Unstable daw after switching buffer size

System: Windows 7 64bit, 4790k 32Gb Ram
Daw: Cubase 8, Cubase 10
Audiointerface: Fireface ufx + Adi8 ds over Adat
Plugins: several equilibrium, Uad Ultimate, several bx, fabfilters eventide. Using some vstbridge

Hi everyone, i had a problem i have never had before, the things got worse and i need your help to solve it. I was working on a project and was about to finish a song, had some dropouts and I decided to switch the buffer higher than 1024. When I did this my rme ufx disconnected from the adat sync, heard a loud click coming from my adi8, cubase project changed the freq to 32000hz (while every converter was running at 48k) and collapsed cubase. Turned off the computer since was not responding I’ve noticed that my converters doesn’t run in slave mode now, but thats not the major issue if I open an empty project and spread tracks on the outputs everything is running fine. If I load EVERY project i was flawlessly working before audio is full of clicks and dropouts. Every samplerate, every buffer with just few plugin (didn’t tried to disable all the instance of a particular plugin, but disabling everything audio come out better but full of dropouts).
Reinstalled the Rme fireface ufx and flashed the firmware. Both cubase 8 and cubase 10 does the same and daw its unusable so its not about vstbridge. Anyone has suggestions!? Thanks
I don’t know if this switch messed something in the bios or in my adi8 ds converter or fireface.
Audio come out in “autechre” mode like my buffer is too low but its not. I strongly need your help.
Few notes:

  • i have continuous dropouts even if adi8 is
    disconnected, even from direct monitoring while i load “heavy projects”
  • switched back from different buffersizes, asioguard disabled, and tried different combination.
  • if I try to run adi 8ds in slave mode rme control panel switch every second from sync to lock and the green adat light on my ufx is intermittent.
  • ”not so heavy” itb project that were running fine now are full of dropouts and clicks and are unusable.
  • tried whysoslow and didn t noticed nothing wrong
  • I have peaks on some logic processors
  • Daw was running fine before this change