Unstable MIDI Remote connectivity in Nuendo 12 and Cubase 12


The phenomenon is occurring in Nuendo 12, but I believe it’s likely the same in Cubase 12 as well. Does anyone have any information?

I’m using older versions of Cubase and Nuendo 12. I think the functionality of Nuendo 12 as a DAW and how to access it is almost 100% the same. The MIDI Remote function of Nuendo 12 and Cubase 12 is excellent, but this feature seems unstable from the beginning. Specifically, with a controller connected to the Midi Remote Manager, I’m troubled by the following phenomenon:

  • It works correctly once immediately after connecting, but at some point during the session, for some reason, the DAW stops sending MIDI to the controller. In this case, sometimes it can be restored by turning off the script and turning it back on, along with occasionally executing “Reload Script,” but in most cases, restarting Nuendo 12 is necessary. Also, even though it was displayed immediately after the connection when this problem occurs if you check the MIDI port settings of Nuendo 12, the controller disappears from the MIDI IN list for some reason. I don’t think it’s related to the fact that the controller I’m using is cheap.

If there were no issues like the one mentioned above with MIDI Remote, it would be much more convenient to use than the legacy method of registering and holding templates assigned to CC# according to the purpose. However, if there are fundamental communication issues, work comes to a halt.

Is the reason for deliberately keeping the legacy method because the stability of MIDI Remote functionality has not yet been established?

OS: Windows 11
DAW: Nuendo 12
MIDI Controller: Korg nanoKontrol 2

Note that a disappearing port has nothing to do with the midi remote, which simply has no control over the underlying ports’ handler.
I did have a similar problem in the past and turned out it was a problematic usb cable. Other than that, it can be an energy saving setting in your PC.
What puzzles me is that you’re saying that the generic midi remote behaves as expected. If a port vanishes, you should have the very same problem.

Hi, mchantzi :slight_smile:

I appreciate you taking the time for this topic!

It’s my handicap that I need translation with GPT. Furthermore, I must hold the paradox that I can’t verify it enough. However, I do collaborate with GPTinglish again this time. so,

I was incorrect in my following expression.

If you check the MIDI port settings of Nuendo 12, the controller disappears from the MIDI IN list for some reason

The accurate phrasing is that the text ‘MIDI Remote Controller’ in the Remote Device field disappears. The field is located to the right of ‘All MIDI Inputs.’ On the other hand, even if the text ‘MIDI Remote Controller’ disappears in the Windows MIDI Input, the MIDI output signal often remains normal. In fact, in that case, the text ‘MIDI Remote Controller’ in the Windows MIDI Output remains as it is.

About USB Cable:

I agree with your experience and I can also suppose that. Actually, my nanoKontrol2 devices have been used for nearly a decade!!

In addition, these are connected through a USB hub. It’s difficult to say that’s an ideal situation, correct?
And yes, The generic MIDI remote behaves as expected with these nanoKontrol2 devices and never fails. The reason is, originally, these controllers hadn’t disappeared even in the MIDI port settings, you know, as I might have initially confused you.

I wonder why Steinberg let the generic remote devices be the “legacy”. Sure I have to say that MIDI Remote is fantastic in terms of all the assignment systems, smoothly switching the definitions, and easy MIDI device GUI design, while I was happy enough with the generic remote devices…

Needless to say, The best situation is a completely stable MIDI Remote.


I have enabled the 'Use System Timestamp for “Windows MIDI Inputs” ’ in the studio settings for solving other MIDI troubles(that occurred since applying a Windows Update). I don’t know why but I feel like this option works for the above errors too. For now, I am monitoring the situation. (The nanoKontrol2 has remained connected as the MIDI Remote devices completely for now)

Good to know! Not sure how exactly this might help with the interruption described, but yeah, if it works, it works!

I haven’t noticed any interruptions after a very recent window update, but it may happen!