Unsure about cleaning up lanes C6.0.5

Hi i have never realy used lanes before when recording but started to do this time around with my bass parts as im not the strongest bass player,so i have been recording small sections using lanes…im now happy with what i have on top but their is a lot of cut unwanted audio sections scatterd about in the lanes below i would realy like to get rid of it all and stick with my top one making it easyer to work with.

I know i can sellect each top piece of audio by holding shift and left clicking but this is just slow.
also i know i can delete all the unwanted audio peice by piece in each lane.

is their a better faster way?

Thanks in advance

[Note: Before you take this advice or anybody’s - make a copy of your track, and bounce it to a separate file. That way if you flower things up, you’ve got your original track pristinely saved …]

Maybe Audio>Advanced>Delete Overlaps will help (I’m away from Cubase, the path may not be precise, but close enough to find, I hope). It’s in the Operations Manual in the “Working with Tracks and Lanes” chapter.


Hi Alexis

Thanks for the reply i will take a look for it i got loads of audio i dont want now… :laughing:

i backed up my whole folder with all the work in it on an external HDD