untitled saves

is there anyway to turn off the automatic untitled saves i have like 50 folders i dont need or use everytime im saving. i also want to learn how to save it in the same folder as the untitled one and replace it without having to manually do it in windows explorer.

Turn off autosave?

i want it to autosave but only the amount of undo redos. so id like it to back up everything without creating an untitled folder every time. aswell as when you actually save something you like you dont have to create another folder and then move all the audio files around to get it in a named folder. is there something i can do?

I don’t understand!

I don’t use Auto Save so maybe it’s doing something?

I just either Ctrl S to save over previous or Ctrl Alt S when I want to Save an incremental version. Neither of which create any new folders.

whenever i open a new project it automatically creates a new folder called untitled.

when you go to save it it doesn’t replace the untitled folder which means i have to go in and delete it everytime i have a new project. which costs space and time. when you quit and restart a new project another folder appears. so you can imagine 50 folders of untitled stuff with no relevant data and space. being annoying to navigate through. the other thing is when you go to save it in a new folder the audio files from the project you have just done don’t move with the save you have to manually move them into the right folder for it to work. surely that isnt right.

When you create the project, you need to specify a project folder. If you don’t, it creates the “Untitled” folder because it has no choice. Then save the Project with a name so that it knows the name and does not have to use “Untitled” as the name.

The “untitled” folder gets created, when you have the option “Use default location” checked on the bottom of the project assistant. In that case you have no choice to specify a custom project folder. To get a prompt for a custom project folder, you have to set the option to ( who would have thought that) “prompt for project location”.

thank you im such a noob lol but thanks for the help it was bugging me.

You´re welcome.