Untuned percussion: two different playing techniques in unison on same instrument

Suppose I was writing out a drumset part, where the drummer is keeping time by playing 8th notes on the rim (only) of the floor tom. I’ve added the playing technique, and changed the note head to X. Now suppose on beat 4 they should play the same floor tom normally with their other hand, in unison with the rim click.

I’ll be honest, I can’t remember ever seeing this notated myself, so I’m not even sure what it should look like. But is there a way to enter this in Dorico? I tried activating chord mode by pressing Q but that didn’t seem to work — whichever playing technique I add second removes the first one.

On one hand I wouldn’t be surprised if this hasn’t been implemented yet, because as I said I don’t recall seeing this notated anywhere else. But actually there are lots of occasions I can think of where one is playing the snare drum using two different techniques (cross stick and normally) where some of them will be in unison.

Curious …

Thanks in advance.

Best, Darren

Dorico doesn’t allow you to have two notes on the same percussion instrument at the same time. You could add a second snare drum or floor tom or whatever to the kit to achieve what you’re after, though.

Thanks Daniel, I just tried it and that solution works quite elegantly. Attaching a screenshot for the curious, first bar all in one voice, second bar in two voices.