untying notes

I’ve searched and looked in the forum, videos, as well the (so-called) Dorico Help, etc. but don’t seem to be able to find such a simple thing as how to un-tie notes …tried various key combinations, tools, etc. as well, but no, nothing doing … how could this be so difficult? help!

If you’re using Dorico 1.0.10, you can untie notes using the scissor tool. Select the note whose ties you wish to break, and click the scissor icon in the note input toolbox in Write mode. If you’re using the default set of key commands (i.e. you didn’t override any of them in 1.0.0) then this also has the default shortcut U (for cUt).

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aha! thanks (but how is one supposed to know this? hopefully there is serious work being done to create a manual that doesn’t just list functions but also explains how to use them, as well as providing a well-designed index so help can actually be found)
Another question though - I have several notes tied together, and would like to untie only the last one, or the first one one, etc. - you can only select the whole tie, and the scissor tool unties everything. Is it possible to untie just any two notes, other than untying them all at once and then re-tying only what you want?

The shortcut key U (or shift U) does not seem to be assigned by default.
Just type “sc” in the preferences/Key Commands search box. and set the NoteInput Scissor to SHIFT+U, which is what it was supposed to be.
Having set the key command, Dorico does seem to remove all ties from a tied group, so you have to remove all ties, and then reinstate the ties you want, but at least with the short cut keys working, it’s a lot quicker.

What I don’t like about ties, is if you have 4 crotchets in a bar, and tie the middle two, Dorico turns it into a minum, I am sure Dorico will have more control over ties very soon.

The shortcut key U (or shift U) does not seem to be assigned by default

yes, I noticed that and re-assigned it already

Dorico will have more control over ties very soon

I would hope so too, it is really much too complicated as it is now

You can avoid that if you hit Force Duration before Tie… :slight_smile:

andyjh, if you don’t want Dorico to show the half-bar in 4/4 when you have a minim in the middle of the bar, look at the options on the Note Grouping page of Notation Options, which contains all of the options that influence this behaviour. And as I said in my original reply in this thread, if you’ve edited any of the key commands in Dorico 1.0.0, then the various new ones in 1.0.10 (e.g. U for the scissors tool, Shift+F/S for frame/system break in Engrave mode, etc.) won’t be present on your computer, because you have got your own overridden set of shortcuts.

mikedit, I’m afraid the scissor tool is all or nothing at the moment, so you’ll have to re-tie earlier notes.

I could not find any menu option function for Force Duration, in the key commands there is a Force Note Durations key command set to “o” - but pressing “o” doesn’t do anything ?

I have set (or it was already set) in Notation Options “split at the half bar”, but it still does not split notes at the half bar, I cannot get Dorico to do anything except put a minim in the middle of a bar (screen shot attached with setting and result), so what exactly do I have to set to get tied crotchets across the half bar


split at half bar.jpg

If rather than selecting the entire tied sequence you double-click (and use L/R arrow keys) to position the cursor partway through a series of tied notes, the scissor tool (U, which works on my copy) lets you cut just the tie you want.

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Dear andyjh,

Force duration is on the left panel, just above ties and under Lock to duration.
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position the cursor partway through a series of tied notes, the scissor tool lets you cut just the tie you want

indeed it does! thanks (but again … we NEED a manual!!)

I agree that we need a manual. Glad you got the scissor tool to work for you.

Thanks for that, that does work, but even though Dorico had the shortcut key assigned to Force Duration, the shortcut key wasn’t working, I reset all the key commands, and it now works.