Unupgradeable elicense????

I have no idea why Elicenser says there’s no upgradeable license when entering my new Cubase 11 pro key…
I have a legit copy of 10.5 pro installed, the dongle is connected… What an I missing ???

Please help!

server overload
complete meltdown …
stay chilled

Did you get a key from download assistance or are you using the one in the email? Download assistant will give you a key when you enter the code threy give you. Top left.

Used the ud1 code from “my products”.

Any update on this?
Any help??

I have the very same issue.

  • I upgraded from Artist 10.5 to Pro 11 via Steinberg Shop
  • sent download code & received then activation code
  • downloaded Pro 11 + other recommended sw
  • opened eLicenser Control Center, inserted activation code but eLicenser says "Currently there is no licence available which can be upgraded by your upgrade licence. Please connect an USB-eLicenser, which holds an appropriate upgradeable licence, to your computer.
  • I can see my Artist 10.5 licence but it is greyed out and not upgradeable and “Upgradeable licences” section is totally empy
  • my USB eLicencer is ok and attached to computer (removed and inserted that several times)
  • I also ran eLicencer maintenance task several times, restarted computer several times, but same issue persists.

What am I missing or is this still related to general license issues in Cubase due to license server overload problems?

In news section of this forum is said that there are problems with new licences and no products are sold until issue is solved. I was anyway able to buy today the Pro 11 upgrade, so I was thinking there are no more problems.

I also hope that someone can help us with this problem.

I hope we are not being ignored…

Seems odd that they haven’t got the time to make even a short update on the news.

Finally - now I was able to upgrade from Artist 10.5 to Pro 11. After inserting the activation code, you can see that Artist 10.5 is added to upgrade list in eLicenser Control Center and upgrading to Pro 11 goes normally.

My Pro 10.5 is still not upgradable !
Did I spend 99euros for nothing ???

Just checking very basic thing: did you run the “Online synchronization & maintenance” task in eLicence Control Center before entering activation code?

Yes, everytime as Elicenser load, it asks for maintenance and I let it do it. only then I try to enter the registration key.

hi, i have the same issue. i have the 10.0.5 pro license i bought it everything good, i bought the upgrade from 10.5 pro to 11 pro, paid 99 euro for it from the steinberg shop and when i try to enter the activation code it says “currently there is no license available which can be upgraded by your upgrade license.”

also its very hard to get support and nowhere did i find contact or support ticket submission option. only redirections which lead to the same pages everytime, not even the possibility to contact via email.

why cant we even get the most basic support for the money about this ??

Finally! It works!
Just did the maintenance (for the million time) and Cubase 11 license appeared !

Thank You !

If you have the 10.0 license and bought an update from 10.5 to 11.0, you bought the wrong update. You need an update from 10.0. Hopefully, Steinberg Support will answer soon, seems you did already contact them.

I am having the same issue after upgrading from Cubase 5 in WIN 10 x64. Tried everything that has been listed in forums and in knowledgebase. Is running the maintenance a million times the only solution?

Exactly what version of “Cubase 5” (Pro, Artist, Elements…) are you trying to update or upgrade from? And to what version of 11 (Pro, Artist…)?

All update/upgrade paths from 5 to 11 does not exist…

Well…it turns out that I can not upgrade from Cubase 5 (VST). This was not clear on the Steinberg site. Trying a different route and hope I don’t have to come back to this thread! :slight_smile: