Unused demo expired?

I just tried to use the demo of Spectralayers that I had downloaded a while back and it says it has expired, but I’ve never authorized any computers yet…how is that possible?

What can you see in the Steinberg Activation Manager?

ah…wait…I think I know what’s going on here…when I first got the demo I downloaded the mac version but my computer’s OS wasn’t compatible and couldn’t install it…forgot to try it on my Windows machine, and when I was looking for the app just now in Win10, I couldn’t find it… so I came to the website and that’s where I saw that it said it expired…but I just realized that I still need to install it first on my Windows machine in order for it to work so I’m just downloading it now to try…sorry for the noob mistake lol…Our video guy built the Win10 machine recently and the rest of the facility is all macs so I’m getting confused…haven’t used windows for like…20 years.

ok, well…I got everything installed…opened up the manager thing and got this:

did I miss the whole entire demo somehow? Not sure what I did wrong…definitely didn’t authorize anything on the website…