Unused Upgrade to upgrade to Cubase 13


I have Cubase 8.5 with an USB elicenser. A couple of years back I bought a Cubase 10.5 upgrade but never used it. I was waiting until there a version with new features I wanted and then would use the upgrade. At that time you could upgrade to whatever version was current. I have just tried upgrading to Cubase 13 but during the process it asks for a Download Access Code which was not part of the upgrade process in the past. I just have an unused Activation Code.

Does anyone know how I can use this upgrade for Cubase 13?

Write to support,please

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Use your update code in the eLCC application. Your Cubase 8.5 will be updated to Cubase 10.5. Then eLCC recognizes, that there is a newer version available, so it will update to Cubase 11 (not upgradable). (If this step doesn’t happen, trigger the Maintenance task in the eLCC.) Then start Steinberg Activation Manager. This one will recognize there is Cubase 11 (not upgradable) and offer you the Cubase 13 license. Everything is more or less automatic.

Great Thanks Martin for this information I will go through these steps. There were some upgrade steps in the support pages but they did not cover my particular scenario. Your instructions provide the missing links.