Unusual Instrument Change Behavior

I have a quick instrument change in a percussion part. Instead of simply giving the abbreviated instrument name above the change (expected behavior), the instrument change is present (To Sz. Cym.) but the actual instrument name doesn’t appear. It worked correctly later in the same part with an even shorter change. Any idea why it doesn’t work? See measure 11 in the attached screenshot.
Screen Shot 2020-11-29 at 4.35.16 PM.png

Will the player have any doubt what is happening here?

With respect, that’s not the point. This isn’t displaying correctly.

I’m having a similar issue. I can’t post the score here, but I can email it.

Will putting fewer measures on the line spread the measures out enough for Dorico to include the additional text?

The entry on the suspended cymbal would need to be rhythmically further away from the last note on the previous instrument for Dorico to be able to show both the label at the warning and where the instrument is taken.

I do not know the programming ramifications of this, but would it be possible, when there is only room for one instrument-change instruction, to provide a Layout (or other) Option to default to the Instrument Name rather than the “change to” version?

Thank you for the responses. Derrek, to answer your first question, no, fewer measures in this system have no impact on the displayed text.

Daniel, I have a similar spot on the same part a few systems down where there is even a tighter instrument change. In this case, it simply displays the instrument change when there isn’t room for both (see attached). This is the behavior I am looking to achieve in the original post. I also tried lengthening the whole note from the original post by one 16th, and the “to” was dropped. (again, the behavior I’m looking for if there is only room for one or the other).

Dan Kreider, were you having this issue when there was exactly one measure between instrument changes, by chance? After experimenting some more, this only appears to be an issue for me when there is exactly one measure separating the two. Anything longer and I’m giving both sets of text. Anything shorter I’m giving just the instrument change, which is just fine.

Yes, same exact scenario for me. One bar between.