Unusual latency problem

I have a project with two mono audio tracks. Yesterday I recorded guitar on one of them and everything was fine. Today I recorded a synth on the other and everything was also fine. Then all of a sudden the two buses are “not connected” and I have to set them up again.
But after that there’s a horrible latency on the guitar track, which makes it impossible to record. The synth track is fine, no latency.

When I create a new project and set up a mono track the guitar there is no problem.

I’ve never had latency problems before. The problem is obviously in Cubase, it’s not related to my hardware

Any idea what’s going on?

You don’t have your equipment in your signature so it’s hard to know about hardware problems.

This latency you’re talking about. There’s a recording that plays late or you can’t track in real time to it?

I would try deleting the track and creating a new one and see if it’s the same. Or just create a new track and see if it’s the same. Input hasn’t changed? Your interface settings haven’t changed?

If that works try and see if some setting has been changed on the bad track.

Sometimes weird things happen that are hard to track down.

thanks for the reply. Just updated my signature so you can see what I’m working with.

The problem is, that I can’t track in real time. The track itself plays fine

But like I said previously I don’t think it s a hardware problem because when I use Guitar Rig eg in stand alone there’s no problem.

Also right now its limited to one project. When I create a new project everything’s fine, no latency. So what can go wrong in a project that causes this kind of thing? I’ve never ever had a latency problem before in over 10 years so it’s freaking me out a bit.

It’s not even a month ago that I formatted my computer and installed everything again.

Normally when you have a latency problem it’s there in every project right, all the time?

Not really, depends on the cause.

any idea what it can be when we know that the problem is most likely within Cubase?

I think you have to examine what is different with the problem songs from the ones with no problems.

Maybe duplicate the bad project. Step by step until you find the cause.

Does it only happen at certain times?

Do you have control of your computer?

If you let programs do what they want they put TSR’s on your computer, Terminate but stay resident.

A good example is software like AOL used to have where AOL wants to play your cd and will ask you if you want to go to AOL if you go on the web. Small programs that watch for triggers bog down a processor little by little.

There’s a lot of stuff you can do to keep your machine lean and focused on what you want.

Search for optimise computer for audio
or get rid of unwanted services etc.


thanks for the help, fortunately the problem hasn’t shown itself in other projects so maybe it was just a fluke. I think keeping my music computer off the internet would be a pretty good place to start and then take it from there

it has started happening in other projects now too, its a nightmare. What’s worse than latency issues? Nothing really, cause you can do the most essential: record stuff.

If anyone has any clue as to what the problem can be please help

would it be an idea to write Steinberg about this? It’s clearly a Cubase problem. Everything in stand alone works perfectly AND in Studio One

Email support.


Make sure you are using the latest ASIO driver for your interface.

Spend some time working on your question, give them all the information they could possible need and describe what happens exactly etc., What you do and what happens.

Good Luck!

Well, if it indeed is a Cubase problem, then it must be asome high latency Plugin somewhere

I don’t think so because I’m using the same plugins I always have and I never had problems with latency until a couple of weeks ago. And I don’t use tons of them either

So you have tried without any plugins already (don´t forget control room if used)?

You don´t need tons of them. aready only 2 MB compressors can cause a huge daley.
And since you wrote

You have made sure, you´re using the correct ASIO driver, haven´t you

I tried without all the plugins but it didn’t help and I’ve never had problems in the past running long fx chains on many tracks.

The project where the problem is showing up again now is just a small one. 2 audio tracks, superior drummer and massive. Very simple compared to a lot of stuff I’ve done in the past flawlessly

And like I said when I call up a blank project there’s no latency so at times everything does work fine. It’s just that when the projects grow a bit this thing happens.

Maybe I should reinstall Cubase from scratch…or worse: Format my computer again (just did that a month ago)

Well, I’ll wait and see what Steinberg has to say first of course

And once again: It is not about the size - which FX do you use? Did you maybe use direct monitoring before?

Probably because the FX add up - normal with everyone

never used direct monitoring before and it’s not because of the fx either. In the past I worked on projects 20 times as big as this one with absolutely no problems whatsoever

Steinberg contacted me, they can’t solve it over email so they’re gonna do a computer take over. When or if they find the solution I’ll post it