Unusual monitoring latency in C11

Hello everyone,

Yesterday I have noticed a very serious problem after updating from Cubase 10.5 to 11. When I try to record a guitar part while monitoring through Cubase I am getting a lot of latency. (To my ears it sounds like it’s around 15-20ms) which makes it impossible to perform. My buffer is as low as 128 samples and it indicates that it should give me roughly 5ms of output latency which was always the case - I always recorded with those settings on and the latency was barely noticeable. I ran the same settings on Cubase 10.5 and the latency is gone and it feels like it always felt. I tried to experiment with different ASIO Guard settings and nothing seems to affect the delay. The interesting thing to note is that when the Constrain Delay Compensation is “orange” the latency is gone and it feels like the output lag is back to where it always was (around 5ms) but that doesn’t let me use Amp Modelling Plugins in real-time as they become inactive.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/hv2fhp6m4nbfjj4/VID_20201122_011335.mp4?dl=0 - here’s a short video showing / explaining the issue

Hi there.
Thanks for the video. Do you have any plugins loaded on the control room inserts or stereo master bus?

I had this kind of problem, my buffer was stuck at 1024 I could not change the latency even if I saw them in my dashboard!

I solved the problem by checking in properties of cubase.exe “run as admin”

I hope this will help ! :wink: