Unusual scrolling behavior in the setlist

Ok, this is not a bug, but rather an unusual behavior. If you have a long set list (say 30 songs or more) and you scroll down a bit and then click in the middle of the visible song list (that’s on the monitor) about 10 songs, if I now click on a song in this list (e.g. the penultimate) then it scrolls all the way to the top of the visible display area of the set list (or as far as possible) but it dont stays where you clicked on it. There’s definitely a setting that says the song that has the focus has to be at the top of the list. But this is cumbersome if you have to edit a long set list. It is best to keep the selected/activated song where it is. Just a suggestion! Have a nice weekend!

Hi @Detgyver ,

I had the feeling a long time ago, but after I’ve changed my mind how great is this in real life situation. Now, with the new setlist editor all the songs can be rearranged quickly through setlists….wouldn’t touch song list “jump to top with selected” in main window This are my thoughts only for sure

Hi @fkalmus ,
I understand that, but I dont like it when things start moving only because of I chose to do something with it and than I had to watch where is it going. This could be confusing if you are in some timetrouble and some concentrated fast clicks can save your performance! :wink:

P.S. Thanks a gain for your help with my routing trouble!

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Hi @Detgyver, there is one idea I had, meight be some kind of inbetween and can be handy sometimes. If selected would jump always to second position instead of first. That meight help feel where we are by have an owerview previous - current - next. Maybe that is total bad idea, just a thought :innocent:

Hi @fkalmus, yes that could be a solution for this behavior!

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