unwanted (and erroneous) clef+key change appearing

I’m attaching a short segment from a score for a single player who plays both piano and clarinet.
In the part Layout, at a certain point in the score where the player plays both instruments simultaneously (yes, it is contortedly possible) a treble clef with a key change appears on the clarinet part and the left hand of the piano. These cannot be deleted, and moreover they do not seem to have any effect!
This seems like a bug related to the function of hiding individual staves of multi-staff instruments, as this option is checked for this layout (only the left hand of the piano has music) and when I turn it off the rouge clef and key signatures disappear.

possible bug.dorico.zip (697 KB)

This is indeed a bug, introduced as a result of the work on ossias, which we will fix in the forthcoming update. Apologies for the inconvenience in the meantime.

great, thanks!