Unwanted auto-created folders

Hi - it seems that every time I open Cubase, a new project folder of the last edited project is created with an incremental “-nn” added. These folders are created alongside the main project folder, creating a lot of clutter (of course I can delete them, so not a major issue). The only thing I can see in the manual similar to this is “Saving Project Files as a New Version”, but this is on demand, not automatic. Any ideas?

Further, it seems that the latest created folder becomes the master, so any new audio gets stored in there rather than the original project folder, which is more annoying than I originally thought

Screenshots? System Specs?

Fair point. I’m using Cubase Elements 11. For the screenshot:

  1. The original “Little Mix” folder was created on 12/04/22
  2. I opened Cubase at 09:03 this morning (06/05/22); folder 06 was created. There were already additional folders 01-05, so I deleted these
  3. I closed and reopened Cubase; folder 03 (not 01 or 02 for some reason) was created

…on Windows 10

Partially solved - generally when I open Cubase I start by creating a new score based on a piano template, for general noodling around. It seems that the Project Folder in the default location (in the Hub) just uses the last saved folder name and increments it by 1, providing it doesn’t already exist, in which case it just finds the next “free” increment number. I can’t see any reference to this behaviour in the manual, but I suppose it makes some sort of sense