Unwanted Automation points created

This has been an annoyance for as long as I’ve been using Cubase, but I’m not sure how to ask the question…

If I have volume (or other) automation on a track, and I go to edit clips in the track, new automation points are created wherever I do an edit. For example, I cut out a piece of audio (such as a bit of extraneous noise during a pause in a vocal track), and automation points are automatically created at the beginning and end of the cut.

It’s especially troublesome if I copy/paste or move an event. If I have a smooth automation slope set just the way I want it, but decide to replace a phrase with one from another part of the song. I paste it into the appropriate place, and my automation for that section is obliterated by new automation points created where I don’t want them. Whenever I use automation, I typically end up with dozens of unnecessary points, when I really only need two or three. It’s enough of a hassle that I avoid using automation unless I really need to.

I discovered that unclicking “Automation Follows Events” in Preferences under “Editing” cures MOST of the problem, but still when I cut out a section of audio, my automation envelope is replaced by a flat line in that section, requiring me to manually fix it, if I put insert something else into the empty slot I’ve just created.

Is there a way to specify that automation points are NEVER created, except when I intentionally click on the automation track to create them?

Hopefully this makes sense…


Same as for the rest of the track, the position depends on the Musical or Linear time base of the track itself, in your case of the Audio track. If the Audio track is in the Linear Mode, the start position of all events stay at its time position, when you change the tempo.

Sorry, irelevant post. It was ment to another thread. :slight_smile:

Sounds like you’re using the range tool and then pressing delete, which will lead to this result.

You’ve got 2 options basically:

  1. Rather use the split tool and cut your section. If you delete the section then, the automation stays intact.
  2. On the automation lane in the track list, there is an “open lock” icon under the write button. If you press that it locks all automation for that lane, but you’ll have to unlock every time you wish to make edits.