Unwanted bar text after XML Import

After I import an XML file into a blank project, there are text blocks ( for lack better terms) on every bar. How do I get rid of them ?
Thank you !!!

Those are signposts for meter changes. Your score is notated very strangely. You have bars of different lengths without any visible meter changes and no bars appear to be in 6/4 time shown at he start! Those signposts show where Dorico has made changes to suit the barlines in the xml file. You can delete them but Dorico will readjust the bar lengths. Is that what you want?

This look like a scanned sheet of music without any cleanup been done before exporting an .xml and importing it into dorico.

The result is, what @Janus already described.

You are both right that the file is incorrect.
However is there a way to turn off/on visibility to these signposts ??

Yes, go to the view menu and turn off the signpost visibility. (Or use the jump bar to do this.)

Thank you all.