Unwanted bars on first page

what the hell is this? and how do i get rid of it?
I imported a midi file and work on the score, i started an empty project, and somehow this happened, THEY WON’T DELETE!!!

This should be instructive:

If you have created a new project, by default there has to be music in it. This is that music and you won’t be able to “delete” it.

If you are wanting to import a MIDI file, have you read this?

That’s what you get for every new Flow that you create; and what you normally see at the start of any new project.
It should not be a surprise.

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Yes, that’s an empty flow – new flows in Dorico start* with a single crotchet/quarter note rest (because Dorico doesn’t make an assumption about how much music you want, what time signature it’s in, or indeed whether it needs a time signature at all)

(* you have the option to start new flows with X bars in Y time signature when starting new projects using the Hub.)

When you import MIDI into an existing project, the MIDI file is imported as a separate flow, in addition to the “starter” flow that came with the project if it was new. If you want a completely fresh Dorico project for your MIDI, you can simply open the MIDI file directly from the File menu – opening MIDI in Dorico does the same transformation process as importing it in terms of interpreting the MIDI data and turning into Dorico notation, just into its own project rather than as a flow in an existing project.

You can absolutely delete any and all flows you don’t want in a project – see here:

I know what it is, I want to know how to delete it so the first page is empty.

Look at your Setup Mode. You see the flow panels across the bottom?
If you have imported a MIDI to a new project, it will appear as flow 2. Flow 1 (which was created when you created the project) will remain as the runt that you see in your original post.
To get rid of it, just select that flow (it turns blue) and click the trashcan (bottom right).

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You can create a blank page template or simply insert a blank page( override).

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With all due respect, if you knew what it was, you’d know how to delete it.

Stop replying if you can’t give any useful information, bruh. I don’t remember I asked you a thing.

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Thanks! Will give that a try

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My admittedly snarky remark was just my way of letting you know that I for one do not appreciate swearing or capitalizing, especially since you had received four perfectly good answers to your question, before stating that you “knew what it was”… :wink:

Have a great day and happy music-making,


Cool, so what the hell is swearing to you?
Again, I didn’t ask you, and thanks for nothing.

HaVE a nIcE daY.

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