Unwanted bracketed "1" above systems

Dear Dorico,

What are these bracketed "1"s and how do I get rid of them?

I would embed a picture but apparently “you can’t embed media items in a post”, even though the option is given.

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Welcome to the forum Simon! I’d hazard a guess that your music doesn’t yet have a time signature (or is in an open time signature) and is long enough to be on 2+ systems? And therefore the [1] you’re seeing above the initial clef at the beginning of the system is the bar number: 1, because it’s the first bar, and bracketed to indicate continuation (because the bar actually starts on a previous system).

You can hide/show bar numbers and change their frequency.

(The ability to add attachments to posts is restricted when you’re new to the forum to reduce spam - if you spend ten minutes or so reading other posts that might bump you up a trust level, as does other users liking your posts, I believe.)

Welcome, to our community, Simon. I hope that my liking and replying to your post directly will hasten the time when you can post attachments.

Dear Lillie,

Thank you for a very quick and helpful response!

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Dear Derrek,

Thank you for your response. Yes, that would be great!

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Hope this helps, too… attachments are important! : )

Dear Thiago,

Thank you! :slight_smile: