Unwanted change when adding a condensing change

Hi all,

I created a condensing change to prevent the last note in this phrase to be marked “a 2”. Why is the trill duplicated?

Without the condensing change it looks like this:

I’m not sure but why don’t you try putting a condensing change at the “a2” note instead?

Same result.

There’s probably some setting to change it (or maybe not). Can you attach a project?

It’s hard to tell from a picture, but you could try shortening the length of the trill? Or just hide the a2 if it offends.

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Here is a minimal example with a few different ways.
condensing example.dorico (480.4 KB)

Shortening the trills by a 16th/semiquaver and adding a Condensing Change (that disallows whole phrase unisons) seems to achieve what you want.

This does seem overly complicated to me.

Indeed it does seem overly complicated, but the shortening the length of the trill like also Janus wrote does the trick. Thanks!

So even a trill that does not seem to have a length at all has one…