Unwanted chord symbols showing up in vocal parts

In my flow I’ve added some chord symbols for rhythm section instruments, but they are also showing in the 2nd Alto voice part, and no other voice part. How do I stop this from happening?

Also, when an instrument has bars rest, the chord symbols show above each bar in the part, resulting in no mult-irests. Do you just need to go through and hide the unnecessary chord symbols, or is there an easier way?


In setup mode go to to the instrument in the left hand panel, right click and in the ‘Chord Symbols’ option set to ‘Hide for all instruments’. That should stop the chords from displaying.

If you’re using Dorico 3, you can use the same menu Dave is referring to in Setup mode to choose that chord symbols should only be shown in chord symbol regions, then add chord symbol regions in the places where you want the chord symbols to appear; they will then not appear anywhere else. This is a new feature in Dorico 3, however, and in Dorico 2 you will indeed have to hide the chord symbols you don’t want to appear.

Not sure which version you are using. In D3 use the ‘Show in Chord Symbol and Slash Region’. In write mode create a selection over bars of those you wish to show the chords in and they will show only in those bars.

Daniel, you’re just too quick for me! :wink:

Great thank you! Yes I’m using Dorico 3. That’s great help, thanks everyone