unwanted click after mixdown

have to remember clip.mp3 (782 KB)
another problem with unwanted clicks I’m afraid …

on the clip at about 0.09 there’s a click in the left channel. I thought this may be caused by some automation that comes in at this point on one of the bass lines, but when I switch off the automation it’s still there. It can only be heard on playback after mixdown, it cannot be heard when I play it back in cubase. Very confused … any help appreciated.

Are you remembering to dither when exporting at lower bit depths? Is this audible on the raw audio file in Explorer?

I have had a click right at the start of the first audio event on an audio track. It only did it on mixdown (like you describe). I ended up automating the volume of the track up just after the start of the audio event.

Thanks guys. it was a midi event rather than audio that was causing it but nonetheless Jaslan’s method worked a treat. Many thanks :smiley: