Unwanted compression HELP!

Just started working with Wavelab Element 7. Mixed my project in Pro Tools. The mixes sound great, but when I import them into the audio montage to burn the final CD, I am hearing very heavy compression attacks and releases. The only plug ins that I’m using is the Studio EQ and Stereo Enhancer. Even when I bypass them…it’s still there. I can’t send my project out for replication the way it is and I’m on a very tight deadline. Please help me…anyone.

If you open your files in the audio editor, and play them without plugin, how does it sound?

The same thing - got rid of the plug ins altogether and it made no difference. Still don’t understand whats going on. Any suggestions…?


Playback is the same hardware/drivers as PT with WL Elements ?
and playback format is wav, bwf or aif or something else
playback is Audio File windows or Audio Montage ?

tried playback a commercial audio file and does that sound the same ?

regards S-EH

Just tried a different tune in an AIF format…same thing is happening. Uhhh…anything else?

sorry you have to break this down
try to make a sine tone(s) in PT or in WL and compare
meters and levels in PT and WL vice versa, should be the same !

and bypass in Master Section with plugins works in playback
but when you render or burning maybe you have the plugins still active!?

there is no compressing built in with WavLab behind your back
you have to look for plugins, pan, levels, Master Section gain etc

regards S-EH

I found out what the problem was! I have all my programs installed on a Creation Station Computer manufactured by Sweetwater. Apparently (even though it is a dedicated music computer) there is an inherent compression on the audio output of the PC itself. This is not the case when running ProTools through my digital interface. That’s why it was only apparent in Wavelab and then upon playback of the burned CD. Both were running through the sound output of the computer. Just discovered this last night…but at least I can now send my master out. Thank you to everyone for your help. I’ll be contacting Sweetwater today to inform them of this problem.