Unwanted distortion on vocals + bonus question

Hi everyone,

when I record vocal in an audio track I’ve got this awfull unwanted distortion (see link in weransfert). Last time it happened it was in audacity, I changed the sample rate and buffer size. Now, in cubase it doesn’t seem to want to work :confused:

Anyone would be able to help me ?

Bonus question : I can use the mousse wheel to slide left and right in the project, but how do I do it with the keyboard ?

Finaly, does anyone know how to upload an audio clip on the forum ? I add to use wetrasnfert as the file tab on the forum don’t work.



  1. How did you export the Audio? Can you hear the same if you use Export Audio Mixdown? Or is it just while playback?

  2. This is not possible.


thanks for the answer. It went back to normal after I openned another track. Weird !