Unwanted double note-heads

I know this has been addressed before, but results I have gotten are a little different from what was discussed back in April. When condensing two divisi violin lines to a single staff, Dorico gave me these double note-heads:

Slice 1.pdf (18.1 KB)

But then as an experiment, I copied the exact same divisi passage into another project, and this time condensing produced this:

Slice 2.pdf (16.4 KB)

My condensing settings are the same for both projects.

I should also say that sometimes I would like to have double note-heads instead of either a2 indications or combined up-/down-stems. I find the look of the following to be somewhat clumsy:

Slice 3.pdf (16.9 KB)

(I can’t recall ever seeing anything quite like this in a published score.) Perhaps in a newer version Dorico could offer double note-heads alongside the currently available options?

Condensing results are heavily dependent on context. Please cut down the project to just the relevant bars, then upload the resulting project, not a series of screenshots, as per the guidelines.


Here are the two project excerpts:
This is from the actual project, and the double-stops at reh. 1 have double note heads:
DoubleNotes.dorico (495.2 KB)

Then, I copied the same passage into another ‘project’ that I use to experiment with notational solutions, and the double note-heads did not appear:
NoDoubleNotes.dorico (511.9 KB)

I hope there is enough to go on here. This passage is actually about 200 bars into the project and there have been quite a number of condensing and staff visibility changes prior to it.

(By the way, the guidelines for preparing an excerpt from a project say that one types 9999 in the bars popover for deleting, when it should say -9999.)

The difference is the presence of the divisi C+D at the end of the passage (and for that matter the text “div.”),

Dorico condenses a phrase at a time, where a phrase is defined as the stuff between rests.
There are no rests between the harmonic and the C+D div, so Dorico has to condense the harmonics and the C+D div with a single approach. Look what happens if I move the C+D a quaver/eighth to the right.

Rather than inserting a rest, you could insert a Condensing Change at the C+D div that has nothing ticked except the Violins in the left side of the dialog. This forces what I like to call a “phrase break”, and allows Dorico to make a different condensing decision either side of the Condensing Change.

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Thank you for this. I like your term “phrase break” for this action since it isn’t quite a “condensing change” as much as it is a “melodic parsing change”.